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• 19 April, 13:00–17:00 •

We are proud to announce that we are further expanding the already spectacular Treasury 360° Nordic conference (20 April) – by launching our new Training Day by Treasury 360° initiative on the day before. And it is all free of charge for you!

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• Takes place at the conference venue in Malmö, on Wednesday 19 April, 13:00–17:00.
•  Free of charge for the conference target group (treasurers and other finance-function professionals of corporate groups). No access for bankers, sponsors or others.
• Provided through collaboration between Zanders and Treasury 360°.
• Sad truth: Because the three courses all run at once, you can only join one. (Sorry to the number of you who went straight to signing up for several, we understand your feeling.)

Note that you need this separate ticket to your Training Day course beside your ticket for the actual Treasury 360° Nordic conference (which is available here).
This is a pure classroom experience, which will not be made available online.
Scroll down for details of the course content.

Treasury 360° Nordic 2023 takes place on Thursday 20 April, at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, a 500-meter walk from Malmö central station. Training Day is at the same venue in the afternoon of the day before – so on Wednesday 19 April, 13:00–17:00.

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Course content




To provide the participants with a solid understanding of the financial risk management role within the treasury function and how to build a coherent risk management framework. Discuss the different objectives of financial risk management in relation to the corporate strategy and financial objectives. Focus
on the practical application examining foreign exchange risk management.


Introduction and learning objectives

Financial Risk Management
difference between exposure, risk and result

▪ Introduction and overview of the financial risk management framework

▪ Classification, identification and quantification of financial risks

▪ Objectives for risk management approach in relation to shareholder value

▪ Risk bearing capacity and risk appetite

Break (15 mins)

Measuring financial risks
what gets measured, gets managed

▪ Risk measurement & quantification techniques

▪ Scenario analysis, stress testing and at-Risk methodology

Deep dive into FX Risk Management

▪ Definition of foreign exchange risk (transaction, translation, economic)

▪ Hedging strategies

Break (15 mins)

FX Derivatives

▪ Spot and forward transactions

▪ FX swaps & cross currency swaps

▪ Options (plain vanilla options, caps & floors)

▪ (Non-deliverable) forwards

Wrap-up and Q&A

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Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the awareness of Blockchain technology and digital assets has gradually spread. Terms such as Decentralized Finance, NFTs or Metaverse are now part of most strategy discussions.

The aim of this course is to give you a solid understanding of how Blockchain technology works, outline the most recent developments in DeFi and the metaverse and, most importantly, discuss how these technological developments will impact treasurers.


Intro to Blockchain technology (1.5 hours)

▪ History of money

▪ Explanation of terminology

▪ The 4 key elements of trust in Blockchain systems

▪ Worked example

▪ Introduction to Smart Contracts and dApps

Break (15 mins)

Key Trends (1 hour)

▪ Decentralized Finance

– Stablecoins

– DeFi ecosystem

– Central Bank Digital Currencies

▪ Metaverse

– NFTs and its role in the metaverse

– Current applications

Break (15 mins)

Blockchain in Treasury (1 hour)

▪ Impact on Corporate Treasury

▪ New evolving requirements

▪ Case Studies

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It is difficult to imagine how to run a treasury function without the use of technology, whether it is a Treasury Management System, Online Trading Platform of simple Electronic Banking system. The main challenge however for many treasurers is to select, implement and deploy the right type of treasury technology. How to ensure that technology is supporting your treasury activities instead of technology becoming a source of activity in itself. In this pragmatic training we zoom in on the developments in the Treasury Technology landscape, how to develop (and implement) a Treasury Technology roadmap. The training will provide case studies on best in class approached towards Treasury Technology


Intro to Treasury Technology (2.0 hours)
 Overview of the treasury technology landscape

• Different approaches to a Treasury Management System (ERP, TMS or Best of Breed) 

• Payment systems and Payment factory

• Integration with other financial systems (ERP, consolidation, reporting)

• Developing a Treasury Technology Roadmap

• Emerging technology in treasury

Break (15 mins)

Selection and implementation of Treasury Technology (1,5 hour)

 Definition of functional and technical requirements

• Future proofing of systems

• Paradigm of Overselling vs Under delivery; how to define a robust selection process 

• Scoping and implementation approach

• PMO tools

Q&A Session and presentation of case study

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The tutors

Risk management: Sander van Tol

Sander is a Partner at Zanders and jointly responsible for the Corporate Advisory practice of Zanders. He has over 25 years of international track record in Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Treasury within consulting. Furthermore, Sander is a part-time Lecturer and Chairman of the Governing Board at the Executive Master in Corporate Finance & Treasury Management at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is also a former Board member and currently Advisory Board Chairman of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers. Sander holds an MSc in Finance from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Blockchain: Robert Richter

Robert is a Senior Manager at the Financial Institutions advisory practice of Zanders and Subject Matter Expert in Blockchain. Robert started his career at Lloyds Banking Group in credit risk modelling. Following that he worked for a Big 4 firm in the UK and Switzerland in the Financial Risk Modelling Team. Robert then shifted his attention to Blockchain technology when working at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. He is a lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management focusing on Blockchain technology. He is a CFA charterholder.

Blockchain: Tobias Westermaier

Tobias is a Director at the Corporate Advisory practice of Zanders and has over 15 years of international track record in Corporate Finance and Treasury within banking, corporates and consulting. He is leading the Swiss Corporate Advisory Practice fir Zanders. Tobias holds an MSc in Global Finance from NYU Stern & HKUST and a BSc in International Business Economics from Maastricht University. He is a CFA and CAIA charterholder.

Treasury technology: Annick de Groof

Annick is a Senior Consultant within the Corporate Advisory practice of Zanders based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has gained experience on multiple Treasury Transformation projects at multinational clients with a focus on treasury technology and emerging technology. Annick holds an MSc in Finance from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

Treasury technology: Erik Marinussen

Erik is a Manager within the Corporate Advisory practice of Zanders based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has over 7 years of experience in corporate treasury both from a system implementation and transformation perspective as well as through multiple interim assignments. Erik holds an MSc in Finance, Accounting, and Management from the University of Bradford.

Location, travelling and staying

Training Day by Treasury 360°, starting 13:00 on Wednesday 19 April, will take place at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live (just like the big Treasury 360° Nordic 2023 conference on the next day). It is only a three-minute walk from Malmö Central Station. 

Our early-bird free-room offers are almost gone already, but if you book your own room at the Clarion for 19 and/or 20 of April, please refer to booking code GR045068 for a beneficial offer from the hotel. Phone: +46-40-207500 (pick alternative 3, packages), email:

Many airlines land in the morning at both Malmö Airport (Skurup) and Copenhagen Airport (CPH) including FLYGBRA, SAS, Norwegian and Finnair. You may get an overview on a comparison site such as Google Flights. Train operators include Sweden’s SJ and Denmark’s DSB.

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